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Parenting Resource Website

JeepmanmattJeepmanmatt Member Posts: 1
There are 4.1 million disabled parents in the world, including me. I created a website dedicated to helping those parents. The website has tips, tricks, and accessibility items for us. 
Matthew Sexton
Admin for disabledparent.com
Peer Mentor for Christopher Reeve Foundation


  • ParaGrapplerGBParaGrapplerGB Member Posts: 1
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    I’m a para with a 2 year old son. This is definitely helpful. Thank you. :)
  • prc_Bethprc_Beth Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 43 Information Specialist
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    I also wanted to mention that we offer a fact sheet on Parenting with a Disability. There is also a toolkit on Parenting Rights.
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