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Quadro Handrims For Quadriplegics With No Tricep Function

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Hey guys! Wanted to jump on here and share a wheelchair push rim product recommendation and story for quads out there with limited or no tricep function who use manual chairs on flat surfaces. 

My husband is a C4 injury, and has a manual chair in addition to his main power chair he uses to be independent most days. He uses the manual chair on flat surfaces and when he goes on any slanted sidewalks, hills, bumps or curbs he needs my assistance. We have extendible cains on the back of his chair so I dont hurt my back when I push him around the city.

We recently received a recommendation for these push rims from our wheelchair supply rep when we needed to get new push rims. My husband had smaller round ones previously, and the thicker black sticky covering had been worn down significantly. The rep told him about these from Carbolife: the QUADRO rims. They are smooth and have larger surface area, with a flatter slanted part to help the quad get better grip.

We just had them put on and so far so good! The rims make getting over bumps easier, as well as control the wheels more. We are still testing it to see if it improves speed all around, which would be nice!

***UPDATE: we have tried them out on the sidewalk where he has a "course" he set up that he times himself on for workouts. With these rims he has shaved 30 SECONDS off his time. This is HUGE - especially since he doesn't make gains like this EVER with his injury. He is stoked to see his progress using this rims and we cant believe that something such as this could make this much of a difference.... *****

Wondering from all of you: does anyone else have an experience with these rims?

Here's a description of them from the website;
"Designed with the biomechanics of tetraplegics with no triceps function in mind, the profile of the QUADRO provides you with a considerably larger gripping surface than a conventional handrim. Featuring an extremely robust anti-slip coating, it offers you unsurpassed grip for efficient propulsion as well as maximum control during braking and when correcting the direction of travel."

Thank you!

Brooke (WAGS of SCI)

Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)
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