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BOTOX for bladder control

WAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 379 Moderator
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Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Has anyone heard of having the Botox procedure done for bladder control?
Botox relaxed the bladder so it can contain more volume = you don't need to go to the bathroom as often. 

A few months ago, my boyfriend underwent this procedure and since has not had to have a leg bag or condom catheter attached to him, meaning more freedom in his case. Depending on how much water he drinks or consumes foods such as veggies and fruits, he typically does 3/4 in and out catheters a day now, with a volume of 700- 800 ml. This has been a God send to us.

There are two things that YOU should discuss with your practitioner that some of us are NOT aware of..

1) If you are prone to severe Autonomic Dysreflexia symptoms (which is not treated can result in a seizure) 
2) Which should change the length of this procedure 

IF you have AD more often than not, I would suggest letting your practitioner know before the procedure as this can have a huge impact on, well, everything. This can mean that you will need to be put under in order to have the needles (Botox) injected into your bladder, resulting a possible over night stay. 

IF you do suffer from AD more often than not and it is not treated, and you do not inform your practitioner, this is what can happen. 

Your autonomic system will be telling  you that something is wrong in a fight or flight response (AD), and in some cases you may be prone to suffer a seizure as your blood pressure sky rockets. 

IF you do not suffer from severe AD symptoms, like Dan (my boyfriend), the procedure takes about 5 minutes and you are out of the hospital. 

This is a brand new warning that we only learned about a few days ago after one of our WAGS of SCI posted her horrific experience on our private Facebook Group. Her husband first began to loose feeling in his lips, then his face began to droop, and his cognition became distorted. This is his body responding to the injections of Botox and thus resulting in what the Dr's have diagnosed as a seizure. 

If you have any other comments or thoughts around this topic, please feel free to leave us something below. All thoughts are welcomed and as always education is key, so please help us become more educated in everything that is spinal cord injury. Together we can create awareness. 

Have a beautiful weekend and take care of yourselves. 


WAGs of SCI 

Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


    JHPRC Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 45 Information Specialist
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    This was very help and informative, thanks for posting this I just worked with someone who had questions about botox for the bladder and I sent this blog to them.

  • Crucker
    Crucker Moderator Posts: 85 Moderator
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    Yes, I use Botox to deal with a spastic bladder and have for the last 3-4 years. I consider it a miracle drug. I'm a T-10 para and was leaking day and night from lack of bladder control. It was driving me nuts. My urologist is a big fan of Botox for these symptoms and suggested I try it. The procedure is simple: he runs a tube with a needle up my urethra and then inserts Botox multiple times in my bladder. I go back every 6-8 months for a new dose. The results: no leakage whatsoever! No water or liquid restrictions. No smell of urine on your bed sheets. As the kids say, all good. AR
  • Sterlion
    Sterlion Moderator Posts: 108 Moderator
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    That's interesting. Ive had it done about four times and was put under every time. My doctor says it only takes 15 minutes but when I wake up it felt like an hour or two of quality sleep. 

    There was one time they cut back on my anesthesia dose and I woke up half way during the procedure. My AD went off pretty bad that time. But I thought because it was surgery you are ensured to be put under.
  • Mnichols23
    Mnichols23 Moderator Posts: 43 Moderator
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    I have been getting the Botox injections every 6 months for about 4 years now. Before the Botox injections My bladder spasms consistently and is not able to hold any more than 100 mL of urine.  My bladder is now able to hold close to 200 mL of urine but most importantly it rarely spasms. I’ve actually been able to cut back on the Ditrapan as a result 
  • Monica.T
    Monica.T Member Posts: 105 ✭✭
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    Charlie receives botox injections every six months, his Dr puts him to sleep for the procedure, usually only takes 30 minutes but Charlie also gets botox in his tendons. Helps with his bladder spams, after the injections he will stop having bad spasms for months. So far nothing completely stops his spams, poor kid vibrates like he's grabbed hold of an electric fence most days.

  • iamdadman
    iamdadman Moderator Posts: 195 Moderator
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    I have a neurogenic bladder and was always having "accidents".  I learned of the botox procedure and have it done now every six months.  It has been a game changer.  I have it done at the hospital but I am in at 9am and out by noon.  I have had no adverse reactions at all.  I no longer worry about accidents and also self cath less...

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