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Sharing a book

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Hello from the desert Southwest in the anxious and divided US of A probably not so different then the state of the United Kingdom. I have just joined your group. At 70 I fell from a porch, fractured my neck and became an incomplete SCI. I was a quadriplegic for a year and some months and battled my way to standing, using a walker, mothballing my fleet of equipment and flying solo without a catheter. This new freedom is welcome but it comes with what doesn't change the body that feels like a videogame of spasms, random nerve ambushes, unreliable balance, continuing rehab, and the traveling medicine chest. I was Dean of a school of arts at a university when this happened. I taught dramatic writing so I turned to writing to help me navigate my emotional wreckage that came with the loss of my body and inform the rebuilding of what I was to become, that person post-accident. I've written a book about this experience, Take It Lying down: Finding Your Feet after a Spinal Cord Injury. You are a community that would understand the journey described. I hope you won't judge me a craven horn tooter by offering this up for your consideration.




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