The Apple iWatch For Quadriplegics

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Hello Everyone - Brooke here - any quadriplegics out there who use the iWatch to help them communicate on their phones more independently?

My husband purchased the first ever generation of the IWatch when it came out over 5 years ago as a way to use his phone more efficiently. When he was in rehab, he was told to strap his watch to his leg. But for him, this meant wearing a stylus all the time, and it became more of a pain and eyesore than help. He cannot get his own phone out of his own bag, so this was the only option they had for him.

He wanted to communicate independently, and I wanted something that he could wear that wouldn't come off, or be obstructed. We had issues with his phone falling off, or moving off his leg, and then he Was stuck without it. His phone was also too far away from his body to use effectively so it took him forever to text or email.

When the first  iwatch came out we ran out and got it immediately as it was something he could use independently very easily. As his girlfriend it gave me more confidence to leave him alone and not worry about his phone being out of his reach or him falling and not being able to use it. I also LOVED the emergency function of the watch and how easy it is to call 911 for him if something happened. He also loves the Rolling function that tells you to "roll" and how you can set it to wheelchair functionality fitness.

Well its 5 years later and my husband decided to invest in the latest generation Iwatch 5 as his Siri on his older one is really starting to lag and not work. Its becoming a safety issue as he relies on it so much when he is out and when im away.  He also loves the fact that the new watch has GPS and Cellular so he doesnt need to bring along his cell phone in his bag for it to work.

Does anyone else out there have experiences with the IWatch? I generally feel that technology is becoming more and more quad friendly and that makes my heart happy :)

Thanks in advance

Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


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    I LOVE my apple watch. I first got the series 2 a few years ago and it broke, I now have the series 4. It makes my life so much easier because I don't have to pull out my phone multiple times to check notifications. Especially ones that can wait. I would recommend an apple watch to anyone especially quads. Not just for the convenience but for safety as well.  I was in a car wreck at and my phone fell on the floor out of reach on impact. I was able to make calls on my watch which I was thankful for.
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    @Sterlion wow! That made me want to help get a apple watch for my son, who will be starting to drive soon.  I'm glad you had the watch on!
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