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Does everyone you speak to have a story about sci themselves?

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Hello everyone- Brooke here! 

I’m wondering if anyone else there has this similar experience or if it’s just me! 

When I am out and get talking to strangers about my husbands spinal cord injury, people tend to respond to me with a story of their own about SCI and how it has effected them.  I find that literally everyone I speak to about the group who is a random stranger, starts to talk about “that time I broke my back so I understand” or “I had a spinal cord injury 10 years ago so I get it” or “my mom has an sci and is in a wheelchair” - or something to try and relate and turn the conversation into being about them? I think this is a human comfort thing- trying to make the person know that you understand by relating it back to them. At first during the initial year of my partners injury I would always think “wow absolutely everyone is affected in some way by sci!” - But then I started to realize that what they are telling me is not necessarily 100% “truthful” the majority of the time, and I don’t know why people do this! They all start to talk about “their injury” or “that time when I had an sci” and I start asking them some specific questions about it and it turns out 95% of the time NOT to be an actual spinal cord injury. It becomes *slightly* annoying after a while of this happening like clockwork In a lot of conversations I have. Although I never call them out for it - I just always wonder why this occurs. Is it because it makes them more comfortable when they don’t know what to say to tie it into their lives? Probably. Being in this industry and out in the community a lot I always have to be understanding and loving towards others - but I’m really interested and just curious as to if this happens to any of you? Does this happen to anyone who has an sci themselves? Or is it just because I myself am not in a wheelchair so people think they can exaggerate or fib to me and I won’t know my facts so they can get away with it? 

Thanks in advance  


Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)
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