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Expectations, real or denial

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My mom suffered an incomplete C4 SCI on April 23 ‘19 as a result of a fall. She’s 70 years old. We have been fortunate to have 5 months of rehab including (in this order) one month of acute rehab, 100 days if rehab in a SNF, and another 21 days in acute rehab. She is now home. We’ve seen remarkable results but she still requires total care. She desperately wants to walk again and I feel that she may reach this goal. I’ve purchased a standing frame, WC accessible van, and we are waiting on her motorized wheelchair. My question to the community is how many times a day should I help her with exercises? She gets very frustrated with me because I don’t always help with exercises until late in the day...and I get overwhelmed with daily chores and with all that’s happened over the past 5 months. I believe she expects the same level of therapy she received while in rehab. We are getting home health rehab 3 times a week. I really want to know what a typical day should look like at this point in her recovery.