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hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments

phill Member Posts: 2
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My wife had a non severed spinal cord injury. It caused excruciating pain, and cramping. 18 doctors later and no help or answers why. we found a place in Florida that said they might be able to help. She went for 20 treatments 2 hours a day. She now has NO Pain it has been 17 weeks. I would highly recommend it to any one who has soft tissue bruising, or scarring such as spinal cord, or brain tissue. The name of the place was Curelogics in or around Lady Lake Fl. What they did was truly a miracle. I tried to keep the story short, but if anyone is interested in this or has any questions, please feel free, I will help with any questions I can answer. It was information on this website that made us believe there would be an answer for us.


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    @phill thank you for posting this - this is SO interesting. I am so glad your wife had success with this. We have a hyperbaric chamber at our local hospital but my husband was never offered it as a form of treatment. We do not have private options for this.. so I am going to look into it. My husband has nerve pain that this could help.. I am also super interested in the healing benefits of this. I have heard of this helping people with brain injuries regain some function and experience some healing. Looking into this now!

    - Brooke 
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  • phill
    phill Member Posts: 2
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    It is not FDA approved for this, but it did work for my wife. We were literally at the end of the rope grabbing at straws, and found this. The doctors don't tell you about it because its not FDA approved. We initially tried five two hour sessions. It stopped the pain for 10 days. So we went back for the recommended 20 treatments. She is on week 18 NO PAIN. On top of the treatments, she also is taking a product called Circ02 we got it online from a place called bionutritionals. I think it is all natural ingredients, it opens blood vessels to allow more oxygen to get to the muscle tissue. It helped with some of the cramping.
  • Melody_Lacy
    Melody_Lacy Member Posts: 16
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    We were wondering what it would take to put a hyperbaric unit in a recreation center, or in our case, a golf training facility.
    Wouldn't it just be a matter of reading the machine manual and making it available?  They are only about ten thousand dollars.  Does a hyperbaric chamber have to be in a clinic?
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