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Article on spinal cord injury and mental health

garrisonreddgarrisonredd Moderator Posts: 160 Moderator
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I was always wondering if spinal cord injury had an effect on mental health below is a link to an article . I think mental health is discussed or bought up enough after a spinal cord injury.


  • ZcollieZcollie Moderator Posts: 239 Moderator
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    That was a really good article on mental health for spinal cord injuries. It made me think about myself and how lucky I am that I never really struggled with serious mental health issues after my accident happened. It was really hard for me in the beginning and I am grateful that I did not develop other mental health problems. A big part for me I think was that I had an amazing support system. I think having a support system is huge when sustaining a SCI. I liked and agreed with the part that said people with SCI's should receive mental health counseling before it is to late and people are already showing the symptoms of mental health. Hopefully one day society with embrace going to counseling and talking to a professional about what we are struggling with. It really does help to just have someone to talk to that you fully trust and feel heard. 
    Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. -SONIA RICOTTI
  • WAGSofSCIWAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 384 Moderator
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    We are doing an Instagram Takeover on the Reeve Foundation account about mental/emotional health on Oct 28th I hope you both will tune in!!!! Also, send us your questions. It will be from a caregivers perspective but we hope to get some questions from paralyzed men.- Brooke 
    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)
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