Is there a reduced life expectancy for someone with an SCI?

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Hi All - Brooke here.

I recently read some stats online that said although science HAS said that someone with an SCI in fact DID have a reduced life expectancy, that now, scientists have changed their tune. They say that technically there shouldn't be a reduced life expectancy if you properly look after yourself and prevent infections/low immunity issues. 

Has anyone else heard about this? 

As a wife of a C4 quad I think about this a lot, and everything we do is to make sure he's as healthy as humanly possible. I know you cannot predict anyones life length, but knowing that people with SCI are just like able bodied people, and that we ALL should be looking after our bodies and minds regardless of if we have an injury or not, makes me feel better!

Anyone else have any insight into this?

Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


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