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Pressure Ulcer resulting from PEG tube

LannyKayLannyKay Member Posts: 1
My name is Leigh-Anne, and my mother was injured in a car accident, suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury at T5 and a major brain stem injury. She has been hospitalized continuously since the accident in December 2017; spending 61 days in ICU, 7 months inpatient rehab with VA, transferred to a community living center at a different VA hospital for six months, back to VA's SCI unit to recover from the subpar care at the CLC, and has discharged to a skilled nursing facility. 

She reported to me today that she has been developing "blisters" (about 2" long by as much as half an inch wide) wherever the end of her PEG tube rests. I saw the newest one when the nurse came in to measure it and write an incident report about it. My mom told me they don't perform bed baths daily like they did at the VA and she gets 1-2 brief showers only per week. I know proper skin hygiene helps mitigate some risk for skin breakdown, should I advocate for this (beyond the obvious reasons why this is necessary)? 

Nothing like this has ever occurred with our experience at the VA, but they took skin breakdown extremely seriously, performing daily skin checks and even had my mom on extended bed rest for a suspected stage I ulcer. What I see in these blisters aligns with the definition of a stage 2 wound. Has anyone experienced this from their PEG tube? Is there anything I can buy to help mitigate these pressure wounds? 



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