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My sister in law is seeking advice on best scoliosis back brace.

CindyM Member Posts: 1
My sister-in-law is a paraplegic (has no feeling in lower half) and she recently went to a doctor who did diagnosis her as having scoliosis. She was very unhappy about that doctor visit because he didn't help her further. She complained about the pain she had and still received no advice.  I was visiting with her along with her brother at her home. She lives by herself. She has had the injury to her spine since she was 21 YO due to a car accident. She is now over 60 years old. We were searching on the internet for a brace to help "straighten" her spine while she is in the wheelchair. Her other problem is that she has no stomach muscles or at least they are weak muscles because she has to constantly support herself from falling forward in wheelchair (not completely forward but a lot forward in the chair). So she uses both her arms on the arm portion of the wheelchair to keep herself erect. She is a bookkeeper and types a lot at the computer. I wonder how she does this. 

So what I am asking of this community, has there been any success with anyone out there who has had the use of a scoliosis brace?  If you have one, how easy is it to put it on over her say t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt everyday?  Thanks for any advise this way. 

We ordered this today:  Scoliosis Posture Corrector Adjustable Spinal Auxiliary Orthosis for Back Postoperative Recovery Men and Women Adults   from Amazon. 
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