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Skilled Nursing Facility is denying therapy "would not improve their functional ability."

How do I counter the assertion by the administrator, social worker, and case worker in a Skilled Nursing Facility that therapy is denied becaus it will not improve functional ability?


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    Are you living in the skilled nursing facility? Do you want to be there? What state are you in? There may be nonprofit legal organizations that can assist you, and also your local Independent Living Center may be able to assist if you want to move out of the facility and into the community.  
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    Very Complicated subject- PT Is a Physical Therapy induced movement of the body functions that help keep your body and muscles bowels-bladder-peace of mind exercised. Your Doctor-Patient relationship and your concerns to your doctor are really important so your doctor can evaluate regular check-ups and by PT referral can/must prescribe PT in order for you to continue receiving PT whether in home or care facility-   
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      Here is one of my favorite subjects and a thorn in my side. I think what you may need to ask for is called restorative therapy. This therapy provided by the nursing home will keep you at your baseline. Ask for it, fight for it! It is important to keep what stretches and movement that you have. I am a quadriplegic with movement in all four limbs. While it is limited I exercise on my own. If you have contractures use your splints every day or at least have restorative put them on five days a week. I do! It does help. I have bought a few things on my own to help me exercise my fingers and I also use weights or my arms and legs
      I live in a very nice nursing home but their therapy sucks. They do not believe in helping me get better. Their policy is just to maintain your stretch and movement only.
      I recently received a baclofen pump to release my contractions. I wanted to do my exercise program at the local rehabilitation Hospital. I learned that no matter what nursing home I would stay in if they have a therapy department you cannot seek ongoing therapy at an outside facility. What a wonderful Catch-22.
      I asked one of the therapists for additional therapy and he said that I was never going to get better and I replied I don't believe you for one minute. He told me that about six or seven times in a row. I reported him to the director of the facility and yes he got in trouble. I do not believe in giving someone false hope but you do have to try to get better. My cousin overheard someone else saying that I did not deserve a wheelchair as nice as I have. I have exactly what I need so mind your own business.
      Never give up!!!
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