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Hey everyone,

We have had a few women reach out about what we do to keep our minds occupied as our partners go through rehab post spinal cord injury?

For example, to have access to any TV programs in the hospitals here in Vancouver, you have to pay $20 a day. Who can afford that? 

What are some other way you or your partner have found handy to keep yourselves busy and occupied while going through the long days of rehab. Did anything particular keep your interest? One idea was to bring an adult coloring book in with you or a good book. Sitting along side your partner in their bed can become lonely and tiresome. 

Any other ideas, would be so valuable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Elena & Brooke
Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


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    Elena - great post! I remember when my husband was in rehab we would take long walks together when it wasn't raining and after he got his "pass" to leave. We would try and enjoy nature as much as we could and get out of the hospital setting. We would go out, look at the trees, absorb the beauty of what was around us. It helped us to think about something else other than our struggles. 

    We also spent a lot of time outside meditating with headphones on. There was something about the warm air blowing on us in the trees while we focused on reducing our stress and strengthening our bond as a couple. It was nice to take half hour together each day in the morning before his programs started and get our MINDS right and help ourselves to relax. This is the most stressful time so anything you can do related to mindfulness I would recommend!

    One time we went to a matinee movie on a day where he didnt have any programs scheduled at rehab. It was nice, although he ended up having a bladder accident - it helped us to realize we could deal with it and not hide inside. 

    Also, because his bed was so small we could never really cuddle while he was in rehab.. so we would rent out their "Living Room" space (a place reserved for couples of SCI) and hang out there alone. 

    Some other ideas is using the facilities in your off time at your local rehab hospital. Most have gyms, communal areas, and access to TV rooms where you can watch sports etc for free.

    There are so many options to entertain yourself but also GROW while doing it.


    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)
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