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Computer Interface?

johnelias Member Posts: 1
Hi all, new to the group here. My bro-in-law has been paralyzed from the neck down after a fall for almost six months. He’s back at home and adjusting to his new normal. He has always been good with online trading and I’d really like to help him get back at this. Can you all please suggest some hardware/software that you have had good experiences with? Specifically, PC/Windows interface tools for quadriplegics that simulate a mouse and keyboard using eye tracking “gaze” and also voice recognition. I think this would prove invaluable for him to be able to use his PC like he used to and trade I found the tobiidynavox company and their various products online and they look fairly impressive, although I’m confused as to which of their solutions would be best. Anyway, hoping some of you can provide some insight not this subject. Thanks in advance!


  • leksa
    leksa Member Posts: 12
      I think that a speech driven software called Dragon might be a solution. It is made by a company called nuance. I have used it for years and am very happy with it. I use Dragon 13 home version but it is up to version 15 now. If you buy the software from Nuance it will cost $150. If you go to Best Buy it will cost $100. However if you look on eBay you can get it for about $50 brand-new if you get an open box it's about $30. I have use version 13 for almost 9 years. I really don't see the need to upgrade because of the cost and it does everything that I need. It takes a little while to learn the phrases. You can print them up and put them on a clipboard so that you can refer to it. On the nuance website they have a list of the phrases that you can print up.
      I am a quadriplegic but I do have some movement in my right arm. I use a low profile trackball to augment my interaction with the computer. It works great. One word of advice however make sure you have plenty of RAM in your computer. It's a heavy program.
      I hope that helps.
  • libumodo
    libumodo Member Posts: 1
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  • DrRon
    DrRon Member Posts: 1
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    Here is a link to an amazing mouse - that you wear like glasses and it is bluetooth so it connects to almost any device