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July 11, 1961Leo Buddy Pegson SCI C-2 Thru C-6 Complete Paralysis/ A Year gradual recovery-

After a Swimming Accident on July 11, 1961 kern River Bakersfield kern County ca and after 59 Years I painfully but gladly sharing my looking back at my complete Paralysis from the Shoulders down and laying on a Stryker Frame. 

When a doctor comes into my small one window room and begins to tell you your parents that your son will never fully recover and would have to be dependent on someone else caring for him for the rest of his life, after the doctors take my folks into the hallway and I can overhear the Doctors say to prepare yourselves and your family members that he won't live through the night then the grim shock begins to bring to your mind back to reality that is life threatening heart breaking devastation. Then hope for recovery begins to become a matter of time whether you live or die-  your life now depending on doctors and the medical research world of SCI- Breakthroughs. 

Where your life now hangs in the balance of a very limited SCI Research-Recovery.  The only thing that matters now is SCI "physical movement” you’re now living in a Numbered Classified SCI injury research based on limited and nothing more than Doctors opinions. You're Love life and friends are now only distant memories, that only give you life choices now dependent on those loved ones around you to insure that you now get the best Homecare and life sustaining Caregivers to continue living in a world now filled with SCI uncertainty. 

Trying to continue to make something happen if you want to live. A life now that gives you a choice to come out into the public and be seen along with other normal walking breathing person walking the streets in a seemingly normal everyday happy lives. Never again hiding back n the shadows out of public life. Change our perspective on life itself and focusing on what we really have in front of us today. Focusing and holding onto the truth of seeking an elusive miracle that now has after 59 years as a SCI spinal cord has led us to the brink of potential for new SCI research but to now also begin to focus on a better quality SCI Homecare-that now allows us to chose a better quality of SCI Community by coming together in new SCI Choices for better for our own personal SCI Quality of Life. To think together as an SCI Community to share everything in our SCI Lives and never again rely on  what we can and cannot do together as a Committed SCI Group focusing on a Better world of SCI Research and better SCI Acute and Long-term better informed SCI Quality of Life.

With love of my Mother my Wife my Children and Grandchildren and Family and my Love in God We Will Survive to begin to live and love again as One Whole Community of SCI Survivors. 
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