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Over the years, I've always heard how magical a minivan can be for people even without a wheelchair. I've been able to get by without a minivan until recently so I wanted to ask who has a minivan? What make and model do you have if so? Did you install a ramp or buy used? I just want to try and pool together all minivan pros and cons, advice and any other knowledge in one place. 


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    Hello @BrittanyFrank
    We have a Toyota Siena minivan with a braun ability package installed in it. The ease of travel is amazing with it, however, we have to get the ramp and door repaired at least twice per year and its a huge pain in the ass! We have heard that most ramps are like this.. but nevertheless it sucks! The electronics are constantly going or not working well. I guess its the price you have to pay with a van like this though.. 

    The upside is we can get up and go anytime - drive in, and he doesn't even need to strap in anymore as he has a connection under his chair that hooks up to his chair and locks him in. 

    The van is also super helpful for all his equipment - there aren't many cars that you can fit a Hoyer, commode, luggage and a dog in!

    Good luck in your search!

    - Brooke 
    Your WAGS of SCI
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