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Advice on Winging Away from Medications Post Hospital

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Hey everyone

I can remember while in in-patient waking up and taking about 15 pills. Then taking almost just as much before going to bed at night. I now take only two pills/medications morning and night (talk about progress). It would be even better if I could narrow it back down to zero like I was pre-injury. I started this thread to see what medications others no longer take and how did you wing yourself away. Hopefully someone can read responses and also narrow down their daily medications. 

As for me, I will attempt to show what 1. I no longer take as it's been awhile since I was in in-patient, and 2. what I did to wing myself off. Don't know actual names but here are what the medications were for:
- Low blood pressure: slowly lowered the dosage and allowed my body to learn to regulate itself again. (Still currently taking)
- Stool (One to form, one to help it move): Stay hydrated, active and a good balanced diet
- Pain: Being a former athlete allowed me to somewhat be use to the discomfort so I stopped taking medication for pain and pushed through it.
- Currently still taking one for bladder: along with botox
And one for appetite/sleep. <---- Advice to get rid of this would be appreciated
Those are what I can remember at the moment

Note: I discussed with my doctor before discontinuing medications. This was important especially with my blood pressure medication because he told me the amount to go to each time. 
Also note: I do take vitamins now which jumped me back up to 5-7, but the great thing about vitamins is they're not mandatory to take everyday. 
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