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What was your JOB/CAREER pre and post injury?

WAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 379 Moderator
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For some of you this topic will not resonate and for some of you for who it does, we'd love you're encouragement and advice.

If you could share your careers before you accident and encourage folks to re-train and go back into the work force after their SCI, what would you say?

Was/ Is re-training for a new career an option?

If you could share some advice for a newly injured injured individual, having lost their job, what would it be?

Is it possible to go back to your current position? Did you find any funding or support to return to work? Did your company provide adaptive equipment for you to return to work or make any accessible changes?

Thank you,

(Wives and Girlfriends of Spinal Cord Injury
Your WAGS of SCI
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  • dawsonmalan
    dawsonmalan Member Posts: 1
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    Fortunately, I was running an ecommerce store before and after my injury. That is why, this helped me alot to cope with my situation.
  • stephanie426
    stephanie426 Moderator Posts: 81 Moderator
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    I have lived my entire life as a wheelchair user, so I have never had a career without my wheelchair and I am SO thankful for that! Being a wheelchair user is what lead me to become a Disability Rights attorney! In my area, most people don't go to college and they definitely don't go on to post-graduate school. If I was not a wheelchair user, I am sure I would have gotten a job straight out of high school like most of my graduating class. However, because I am a wheelchair user, I have always been interested in the Americans with Disabilities Act and enforcing/expanding the law. 

    I also teach at a local college about serving the Disability Community. I focus on how to respect people with disabilities and center the disabled person in all of the work that a service provider does. I think that as a wheelchair user I am better suited to teach this class than any nondisabled person. 
  • ambercollie
    ambercollie Moderator Posts: 191 Moderator
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    Before my son was injured at 15 now 10 years post injury. I had a photography business for 14 years. Back when we still used film! I’ve switched to digital of course now and do small side jobs. My kids have there lives pretty well documented too! 
  • kurtis_gross
    kurtis_gross Member Posts: 5
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    I was injured as a 19 year old college freshman, so my jobs were limited to landscaping and life guarding during the summers. After becoming a C-4/5 quadriplegic I graduated with a BS in Economics and went to law school. I have worked as a transactional attorney in the energy sector for the past 14 years.
  • ambercollie
    ambercollie Moderator Posts: 191 Moderator
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    @kurtis_gross law school that’s awesome!!
  • Brandilane1
    Brandilane1 Member Posts: 21
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    When I was injured 15 years ago I was doing customer service/dispatch for a flatbed trucking company. The first few days in the hospital I couldn’t comprehend not going to work. Everyday I was wanting to go. 8 weeks later and the very next day after getting released from the Shepherd Center I was back at the same job.  While I was out my company made preparations for the accessibility I would need. Looking back, I should have taken more time off!  Before and after injury I always put work first. I just had my 18 year anniversary with that same company. I’ve worked in 3 different offices for them and I am currently working from home so this is my favorite yet. It allows me to still be 110% dedicated to work but it also allows me time for some much needed self care!!!

    Does anyone else out there feel like work heals them?  There’s just something about being busy and helping someone else that keeps you from being able to focus on your own pain and suffering...and that actually eases the pain and suffering. I can’t imagine my life without work. 

  • ambercollie
    ambercollie Moderator Posts: 191 Moderator
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    @Brandilane1 Yes! Work does help I fully agree when you are busy and helping others it can definitely lesson your own pain and suffering. There is something about giving and focusing on something other than yourself. I love that you we’re able to keep doing what you love even after injury.