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We are currently having a hard time getting our son on a good bowel regimen any suggestions on laxat

sasha9125 Member Posts: 4
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  • jaarch
    jaarch Moderator Posts: 50 Moderator
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    I use Docusate caplets twice a day, Sennosides once a day, and Miralax once a day. That works well for me. As always, consult with your doctor before trying new treatments. 
  • juwan
    juwan Member Posts: 1
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    Good Day; my name is Selina, my son was injured on Feb 10th 2017. He uses Enemeez mini enemas, that was recommended by the medical supply company once released from the rehab in 2017, and he doesn't need any assistance using these. Good Luck
  • garrisonredd
    garrisonredd Moderator Posts: 162 Moderator
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    I use mini Enemeez also like @juwan stated I actually use the one with stool softener in it I typically use two during my routine and it works pretty well for me.

  • cruiseybabbby
    cruiseybabbby Moderator Posts: 18 Moderator
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    I also use Enemeez like that of @garrisonredd and @juwan ! I've been using them for about 9 years now and have no need for any other type of laxative or softener.
    Everyone is different though so definitely speak with your doctor and experiment to see what works for your son!
    Wish you all the best!
  • Zcollie
    Zcollie Moderator Posts: 239 Moderator
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    I have been using Bisacodyl Suppositories for 8 years and no problems. I go every other day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Been doing it since my accident happened(: But everyone is different.
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  • jesistracham
    jesistracham Member Posts: 4
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    What’s his diet like? I’ve noticed when I stick to a clean (avoid process food) diet my bowels are managed 100% better, including regularity. May be an avenue to explore. :) 
  • raysellers
    raysellers Member Posts: 7
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    So I use fleet enama and sina every other day I take a sina the night before then in the morning with the enama boom
    WAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 379 Moderator
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    Hello and Welcome!

    We super the super duper "magic bullet" I think they are called. No, not the vitamix blender but these insanely awesome and quick acting jet fuel!


    Your WAGS of SCI
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  • AskNurseLinda
    AskNurseLinda Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 162 Information Specialist
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    Thank you for your comment about the magic bullet. Many people are highly satisfied with it. If you are having a slow result from your bowel program suppository, this is a great alternative. No matter which suppository you use, glycerine, dulcolax or magic bullet, be sure the suppository is resting against the bowel wall after insertion. Your body heat will melt the suppository causing it to work. Left in the middle of stool, the suppository will not dissolve. Nurse Linda

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