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Parapalegic for 35 years gains movement ability

HeatherPoyasHeatherPoyas Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
I am writing this on behalf of my father. He has been a paraplegic since 1986. When he was first injured he had zero control over his bladder, bowels, leg movement or lower torso. He never had sweat on his feet from shoes or sweat anywhere on the lower half of his body. He used diapers for the first 10 years in his chair. Slowly over the years he continues to regain new movement in his legs and torso, he has almost complete control of his bladder & bowls (no diaper for over 20 years now), he began sweating all over from his torso and down about 15 years after his injury. He continues to go through periods where he is in extreme pain for a few months and he knows he is going to shortly thereafter experience new feelings, movements and control. Has anyone heard of this happening? We have always been told it’s just fantom pain and that the feelings, movement and control he has are not possible to regain with the injury he has. My dad is not the type that has spent his life seeking an answer. He just lives with the changes. I am curious to know if there is anyone out there who would be interested in finding out more about how and why he continues to gain new muscle control, feelings and movements. The doctors he has seen seem to have no interest in  offering him any alternative options or resources for him to learn how to deal with these new feelings and pains. Unfortunately most of the new feelings just continue to bring more and more unbearable pain to the previously paralyzed areas. My dad literally lives in excruciating pain every single day. He refuses to become addicted to pain pills so he just suffers as a way of life. If anyone has any advise regarding this subject please help! 




  • LaucretiaSmithLaucretiaSmith Member Posts: 1
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    Your father is not alone, my fiance has been in the chair for 23 years, he regained movement in his upper right leg, used the bathroom like normal, still has no control of bladder, but can feel it as it is coming out. Dr.'s sat it's phantom pains when his limbs are hurting. We need to find a Dr. Who is willing to look further into these claims, because everyone is not psychologically damaged and delirious.
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