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Family member looking for answers

Hello everyone my name is Heather and my brother Jason is paralyzed due to a spinal infection from a bed sore he got from a nursing home stay.  He has been hospitalized and sent to nursing homes since September of last year. My family and I have now taken over his care due to his separation with his wife. He is being discharged possibly in 2 weeks. We are working on getting my mothers home ready for him, I have so many questions but I think my min question is, is there any organization or contact I can look into to help us with his specific needs besides the ramps, beds wheelchairs. We just started taking over things the past month so we are very unsure of where to turn. I am not even sure of the specifics of his paralysis all I really know is he is an amputee due to diabetic complications everything was fine for the past 9 years and  in September he was hospitalized sadly due to a suicide attempt. He was recovering but he and his wife decided to send him to a nursing home to finish his recovery that was not the idea we had for him, but after about 2 weeks he had a bedsore, long story short he got an infection and now is paralyzed from the waist down. Please excuse my words I am not even sure how to ask for help right now. Thank you in advance


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    If you contact one of the information specialists, they will help you find resources in your area.  https://www.christopherreeve.org/get-support/ask-us-anything

    Good luck.
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    @[email protected] Thank you for sharing your situation about your brother. I also have a brother named Jason,  my daughter has diabetes and yes if goes untreated  amputation can happen. Sad to hear your brother did not receive good care at the nursing home to the point of getting a pressure sore which comes from lack of turning him and getting out of the same position. Very sad to hear it turned into paralysis.
    Which takes me to my son who is a paralyzed quadriplegic.
    So 1st thing...
    Things Can Get Better!
    Sounds like your family is getting things ready or he may already be with you by now. It takes time to adjust but you will find a routine and ways that will work for you guys. That pressure sore NEEDS to heal! Once that is completely healed. I’d recommend physical therapy good for both body and mind. Figuring out bowel program and showering takes time. Make sure he gets outside daily, don’t let him stay in his room or house all day. There is so much more I could say but just remember your Not alone. Your brother Can Have a Good Life, half the battle is mental! I hope you find local support and therapies. Keep posting questions here as well. You are a good sister and you guys will find that new normal.
    (Heather1972) if that’s the year you were born, then we are the same age!
    Hang in there!
    Check out on YouTube:
    Zack Collie he has a channel that is All about living with paralysis.

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