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Where to go?

slwoodslwood Member Posts: 1
My son-in-law, Jason, was in a motorcycle accident in February. He is now a quadriplegic. He is still in the hospital (Tampa General Hospital) in the progressive care unit. He is doing great. He is off the ventilator, he has his trach capped, the peg removed. He breathes, eats, talks etc all on his own. He will be discharged soon to a rehab facility. Looking at Shepard in Atlanta or Brooks which is in state. Several things play into that decision regarding which rehab and that is not the point of this post. 
Several people are telling us (my daughter Jennie), that he will be in a rehab for about a month, that most places won’t keep him any longer than that. That he will need to come home after that. That is the reason for this post. Where is home. They currently rent an apartment that is definitely not handicap friendly and can’t really be (or worth) modifying. The rent is about all my daughter can afford just on her income. While they have applied for SSD for Jason, we have heard nothing back yet. He doesn’t qualify for SSI because she makes too much yet they can’t hardly afford to live on a single income. They are in their mid thirties. So not reading for some sort of senior living place or options. 
Jennie has tried asking if there is some sort of a interim long term care that Jason can go to after leaving rehab prior to them being able to buy a house and modify it or find affordable rental housing that is accessible. What do people do? Seriously, they can’t be the only young couple that doesn’t have unlimited money or resources. What do people do if they don’t have a spouse or family? Where can we go for help? I am currently staying down here in Florida with my daughter to help out where I can. I am also on disability and a fixed income. So there is much I can’t do and I am beyond frustrated that I am unable to be if more help and that I cannot fix this. My daughter is overwhelmed. On the verge of a breakdown. Is beside herself worrying about Jason, finding housing, continuing to work, paying bills, dealing with all of this is more than enough for anyone to deal with. Then add the Covid virus and that she can’t even go to visit Jason in person, plus how that effects trying to find a new place to rent or buy.

Help. I feel like we are drowning.
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