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College Life After SCI

ianmal3 Moderator Posts: 4 Moderator
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Are there any members of the SCI that have the dreams of going to College/pursuing higher education after their injury? If so, let's talk about it! My name is Ian and I am a current Sophomore at the University of Miami. I am currently studying neuroscience and I have the hopes of either attending law or medical school. Although college can be intimidating, it is not impossible! I have had to navigate through countless roadblocks on my road to pursuing higher education and I want to use my personal experience to help other people just like me achieve their goals. Please spread the word to other ambitious SCI survivors! 


  • stephanie426
    stephanie426 Moderator Posts: 80 Moderator
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    Hi Ian,

    Congrats on pursuing your goals! I attended college, grad school, and law school - you're right, we can definitely achieve our dreams in higher education and in our careers! After law school I practiced law in in Miami for a year before moving to upstate New York to run a disability rights advocacy team. Now I practice law helping crime victims in New York and I love it. 

    Like Ian, I would be happy to discuss how to pursue higher education or other goals. There are far too many stereotypes about people with disabilities not being able to do anything when, in fact, we can do so much. 
  • josefjude
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    Wow, thank you so very much for your amazingly detailed reply!
  • kurtis_gross
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    I graduated with an economics degree and went to law school as well after my SCI. Law school was difficult, mainly because the reading was hard to keep up with. I have trouble turning pages and it took me longer to read the material because of it. However, that was about 15yrs ago, you could probably get textbooks in digital format now so it is probably friendlier. I have worked as a transactional attorney in the energy sector for 14 years now.
  • ambercollie
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    @ianmal3 great son was injured at age 15 (C-4 Quadriplegic) graduated HS then went to local university, took him 5 years slow &steady! Made good grades and is now in his 3rd year of a Masters Program for counseling.
    Yes higher education IS possible! 
    I remember when I thought it was not a option, then I talked to one person who told me “of course he can go to college!!” That was the game changer...