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Five Coronavirus Scams Impacting People with Disabilities

stephanie426stephanie426 Moderator Posts: 34 Moderator
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Hi Everyone, 

I am a Crime Victims Attorney in the US and we are seeing a rise in coronavirus scams - many of which are targeting people with disabilities and seniors. I made this video explaining five common scams that we're seeing people fall victim to here: https://youtu.be/TamH1pC4pw0

If you prefer reading, I have also put it in blog form here:  https://www.disabilitydetails.com/post/five-coronavirus-scams-impacting-disabled-people 

Please feel free to share this information with others! Scammers are finding new ways to trick people every day and it's my job to help people who are victims of crime, but I'd prefer to help people by helping you avoid becoming a victim if possible! 
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