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The FreeWheel for manual chairs.

One of the best pieces of outdoor equipment I've bought, like many, is the Freewheel from Pat.

Back in the days on another forum, that is now no longer, Pat started making and showing his finalised design, and allowing a few of us to buy a prototype! I've had one ever since!

This wheel clips onto the front of your chairs solid or tubular footplate, (there is a folding chair attachment also), and upon rotating its fork by wheeling forwards, it lifts your castors off the floor a bit and off you go... wheeling along on this fabulous off  road piece of kit. I've had three Freewheels so far, and my last one has been welded back together twice! I use and abuse these things on my backpacking adventures... infact I use my wheel everyday to walk my dog, get on the beach, even roll round the garden when it's muddy!  I've wheeled down flights of stairs, down hills and fields, is never be without it. 

The other wondrous thing thing about it is, it can be used as a tow hitch between your handcycle and your chair, allowing one to take their chair whilst out riding. 

I promise im not afliated in any way with the company, I've just been a repeat customer for years! there's not much I've done in it... plus I've had it on an angle adjust footplate on a quickie ti, and the rgk Tiga with a tubular footrest. I have had a new footplate made for the Tiga, as the freewheel broke it after just a month of use, so RGK made me a new double tubed one, which hasn't yet broken in 3 years.     I will say, I'm incredibly rough with my wheel and chair, but I just like to have a lot of fun. ;) 
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  • trevorsendeavortrevorsendeavor Moderator Posts: 38 Moderator
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    I love mine! have to agree with you here. The freewheel is one of my must have items when going on trips and doing things outside. I throw on my knobby tires and you can make it just about anywhere. Even makes stairs easier, as long as there’s only a couple. I’ve even been in a couple weddings since I was injured that were outside, and it would have been so much more difficult without the freewheel on my outdoor setup!
  • SterlionSterlion Moderator Posts: 104 Moderator
    25 Likes 10 Comments First Anniversary 5 Awesomes
    @trevorsendeavor Ive heard nothing but great things about this. How much do they cost?
  • EmmsEmms Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
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    @trevorsendeavor you should try more than a couple of stairs, its liberating! LOL 

    @Sterlion Not sure where you are but the cheapest Uk price I've seen is £339, and the USA, $599

    They do come up for sale internationally on eBay though, its always worth saving a search to see if one comes up!

    Full list of dealers from their website is here ...
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  • BrookeUBrookeU Moderator Posts: 176 Moderator
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    How easy or difficult is it to attach this to your wheelchair?
  • EmmsEmms Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    10 Comments 5 Awesomes 5 Likes Name Dropper
    @BrookeU Oh its very easy, it's a simple vice like connection that clamps to a foot plate. :) Here's Pat, the inventor showing it!

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  • WAGSofSCIWAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 384 Moderator
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    The Freewheel is a life saver! My partner and I use it all the time to take the puppies out for long walks, especially over green grass fields and rocky roads. The past couple years we actually also used it for The Wings For Life World Run; makes for a smoother long haul push. 
    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)
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