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Staying Active While Social Distancing

stephanie426stephanie426 Moderator Posts: 46 Moderator
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During this time of social distancing, I am working hard to find ways to stay active, especially as many activities are being cancelled and we are finding ourselves cooped up in our homes almost all of the time. 

Usually during the summer, my fiance goes to Grand Cayman for a few weeks to run a scuba diving program for his not-for-profit, Stay-Focused, where they teach youth with disabilities leadership skills through getting them SCUBA certified. I joined them for the first time last summer and was looking forward to spending time every summer in Cayman SCUBA diving and helping with this great non profit, but this year the programming was cancelled due to coronavirus. 

We are very sad about this because this is the first year in over 17 years that Stay-Focused will not be bringing disabled youth to Grand Cayman to teach them to SCUBA Dive. 

Here's a picture of one of the groups from last year (there's four groups of 7-10 every year!)

and here's a picture of my fiance, Ryan, in action! He's teaching a teen how to SCUBA!

So since we won't be getting any SCUBA diving in this summer, I am trying to stay active in other ways. I was really looking forward to SCUBA diving, not only because it's a ton of fun, but because it burns a ton of calories! It's a great work out!

Instead, Ryan and I have been focusing on pushing in our hand cycles. It's been very cold here in Rochester, NY, so getting outside to push is difficult, but luckily, we are fortunate enough to have a "roller" that we keep indoors for Ryan's handcycle which allows him to workout inside. This roller is similar to a treadmill - it allows him to set up his handcycle on it and roll in place. This was something we set up well in advance of Coronavirus because Ryan had planned to push the NYC marathon this November, so this was part of his workout plan. Unfortunately, we suspect the NYC Marathon might get cancelled, but we still are able to workout with the roller, so that's good. 

Also, we think it's going to warm up here in Rochester in the next two weeks, so we plan to find some empty country backroads to push around on to keep in shape. Here's a picture of us at our last race of the season last year: 

What are you all doing to stay active while social distancing? I'd love some new ideas!! 


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