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The Summer Future of Adaptive Sports?

heatherkrillheatherkrill Moderator Posts: 52 Moderator
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Good morning all, 
I'm just curious about those of you involved in structured adaptive sports programs throughout the country.  What have you heard about summer programming?  We have several adaptive sports program in our area of Northern NH and all are still waiting to see how slow re-opening goes.  My husband Geoff runs one, and it's tricky to imagine bringing people-- both volunteers and students alike-- in close quarters to participate actively in sports like cycling, waterskiing, and fishing.  I figured this would be a good forum to ask how and what people are thinking about organized programs for this summer/ fall.  Part of me believes we should just take the summer off, but for so many families- this is an outlet, a sense of family normalcy, and recreation is supposed to be a healthy alternative to feeling stuck at home.  Would love your insight, thoughts, feedback, etc!  Thank you!  Hope you are staying safe out there!  
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