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Cordless vacuums

Housework!  Love or loathe it, some small things can make a huge difference to our everyday lives! I live in a 2 storey house with my hubby,  a dog and 2 cats. And one thing I do everyday is vacuum.  I have had an assortment of uprights, tubs and handheld vacuums over the years but my absolute favourite for everyday vacuuming is my cordless stick vacuum from Dyson. No more putting the flex over my shoulder to stop it going between my chair and the back wheels, no more stopping dead on the cord on the floor, no more hanging the Henry vacuum on a rope from the top bannister to vacuum the stairs! 

There are lots of cordless makes on the market now, if I were to buy again, I'd probably go with one like the Shark cordless range that you can switch batteries easily. My V6 Total clean is 2 years old and lasts 20 minutes when is fine to go through the downstairs everyday, recharge and do the upstairs later. For deep cleaning and jobs like hoovering the decking and plaster dust mess,  I still use my Henry Hoover though. 
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  • jaarchjaarch Moderator Posts: 50 Moderator
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    I have a Bissel Air Ram 22 volt vacuum. It is very lightweight and does a good job cleaning. It is easy to clean as well. I also have a Black and Decker Dustbuster hand vacuum. It is perfect for little messes. I have a Dyson Animal for the really big jobs but the cord makes it a bit of a pain to use.
  • BrittanyFrankBrittanyFrank Moderator Posts: 65 Moderator
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    Before I had my cordless Dyson, vacuuming was one of the most difficult chores to do around the house I was always rolling over chords. Most of the time I would wait until friends or family could vacuum when they visited. Then I got my cordless Dyson vacuum & it's 6 lbs and perfect to do one room at a time, unless I'm really ambitious that day. It's helped me be more independent & much less frustrated with this household chore.
  • WAGSofSCIWAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 384 Moderator
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    Amazing post idea! I know especially as a quad having light weight cordless vacuums and cleaning tools is SUPER important. I know Costco has Dysons for a few bucks less than they sell them for at other stores. This is definitely on our list! - Brooke 
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    (Elena and Brooke)
  • CarlosXavierCarlosXavier Member Posts: 2
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    I have a wireless vacuum in my house and it has totally changed my life. Cleaning is now much easier.
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