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Locating PPE at affordable prices

TimsheTimshe Member Posts: 3
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Are there any local, state or federal sites that are working with individuals with disabilities who hire in-home care providers for personal care for the availability and distribution of PPE? I have not identified any nonprofit sites for distribution either.  In particular, examination gloves for personal care. I live in the state of Oregon and have not been able to locate some of these resources for myself or others. In addition, the prices keep going up in the private marketplace. Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • jayjay88jayjay88 Member Posts: 3
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    I don't know of any non-profit ones, and I might be wrong about this but https://greshamappliancerepair.com/ in Gresham, OR, accommodates for people with disabilities by coming to your house and making sure no one has to lift a finger to get your appliances repaired. Just thought I'd mention that because not all appliance repair companies in Gresham OR do that. They're the best ones, and they service areas outside of Gresham, too. Not sure if that answers your question.
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