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COVID-19 Concerns
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Healthy practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

PRC_ChrisPRC_Chris Member, Moderator Posts: 1 Moderator
Besides washing hands and social distancing, what other practices have you taken up to stay healthy during the quarantine?  Hygiene is always important in preventing illness, as are the precautions we take with ourselves and our loved ones.  What practices have you employed to keep yourselves safe and healthy?


  • FitEyesFitEyes Member Posts: 3
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    Keep as far as possible your regular routines and keep a daily schedule, including sleep, meals and activities. Keep connected socially. Speak every day or as far as possible to loved ones and people you trust by writing letters, using the phone, video or message. Make use of this time to share your feelings and hobbies. Be active every day physically.

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