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What is a good website or app to read a light novel?

Some of the best anime created were inspired by brilliant light romances. They were the origins of certain amazing moments that we all had with anime. Light novels were used to create anime such as Sword Art Online and Date a Live.

This is because a little like an ordinary American novel you could read is written in a light novel. It has a minimum word limit of 50 thousand words, but it is illustrated in an anime style as opposed to average American novels for young adults.
Therefore a light novel has everything that a novel has and all its activity and fun.
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  • RedFoxxRedFoxx Member Posts: 1
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    I use google books, love how it syncs and is easy to use. Looks good on small and large screens. I just import the epubs from my dropbox.

    Didn't like moon reader ( to much customization for me)

    If google books doesn't import it, lithium is decent, simple and works well. Like the design of it.

  • FitEyesFitEyes Member Posts: 3
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    There are no real "hubs of fan translations" in the German Light Novel scene, but NovelUpdates is a tracker website. Officially licensed versions are the most current Light Novels with English versions here. While Kadokawa DMCA has several of their projects, Baka-Tsuki and only official publishers since then have genuinely taken steps to fill the market. It was always a venue for fantranslations of consistency. (Seven Seas, Yen Press, like the J-Novel Club.)
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