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My love story.

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                 My husband and I met thru an online chat room for a Rock Band we both like in 2002. We started talking and became friends, we were good friends for two years after that we fell in love because we became best friends and had a lot in common. We talked everyday and finally became boyfriend and girlfriend, our dates were thru a webcam, msn messenger chat, and phone calls, we did that for 8 long months. He was living in the United States and I was living in Mexico. He decided to go to Mexico and visit me and I saw him for the first time in person, so far the best day of my life!. I cannot describe the feeling of meeting for the first time with the love of your life. After 3 wonderful months of staying with me he returned to the US. We had talked decide that we wanted to live together in the US. When he left  I stayed arranging all my things to move to the US. After 11 months I finally arrived to the US, another wonderful encounter!. We lived together for almost three years we had an amazing life together, I was studying he was working in a job he loved to do. In 2008 the accident happened he suffered a spinal cord injury due to a motorcycle accident, also he suffered a braquial plexus injury that paralyzed his left arm he got two injuries in that accident. After all that goes in the hospitalization, surgery, ICU, rehab hospital then discharged we learned a lot. To this day we both are still learning, but also have been working in getting better every day. We love each other we have a lot go thru still, but we have one and other and that is the power of a good relationship post and after an accident that changed our lives. If you are reading this please take care of your love one, but most important take care of yourself. If you are mentally and physically fine you'll be alright!.

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