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Changing time of bowel program

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I am wanting to change the time of my sons bowel program. We usually start at 230 in the afternoon which makes it so hard to make plans away from home. We want to change it to 9 am but we are both nervous about having accidents if we change.  Should we gradually change the time or just do it all at once? Any advise would be so appreciated. Thank you, Rhonda❤️ Ps we do suppository and digital stimulation plus a laxative pill every morning which I was thinking should be given at bedtime if we change the program to the am


  • Zcollie
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    @380 This is kind of a hard one to answer because everyones body is going to react differently. I do mine every other day and have been doing it that way for 7 years. from start to finish it takes around 2 hours. I start around 8:30-9 and done by 11:30 ish. I have only had accidents because of bad foods I have ate. It probably will be weird for his body either way, but it will get used to the new routine. Not sure if this information was helpful or not. Let me know if you have any other questions. 
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    @380 if I wanted to flip my bowel routine time, by 7 hours earlier, I'd probably just go ahead and do it. You're not doing it 'later'. If you're doing it at 14:30 one day and then at 0900am the next day. I can't see why there would be many accidents, as you are possibly clearing out more than you'd normally clear in that 24 hour period, but adjusting the time could take a couple of weeks to retrain the bowel. I'd make sure that the routine is as normal, i.e., you say you're doing a little while after lunch at present, so I'd make it a little while, 20-40 minutes, after breakfast, taking advantage of the gastro-colic reflex to kick start the bowel into action! You don't say what the pill is you're using. The only thing I'd worry about is taking a laxative pill in the morning, for the last 14:30 program, and then again that same night for the new program starting the next morning, it depends what type of laxative it is. 
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    My thoughts are with the group. Just do it. Changing a bowel routine is a challenge but can be mastered. Change your time. Try a daily bowel program until you get results and then cut back to your usual every other day. You will find you have changed quicker than you expected. Nurse Linda

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