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Halloween Costumes this Year?

stephanie426 Moderator Posts: 64 Moderator
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Hey Everyone!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and I have every intention of celebrating, even if that means just dressing up and hanging out in my house this year! 

I am all about costumes and I am so excited to see that Target is expanding their line of adaptive costumes to include even more costumes this year, and even with adult sizes! 

I am not one to buy my costumes because I LOVE making my own costumes that incorporate my wheelchair. In the past I have been Princess Peach Mario Kart style where I dressed in a pink fluffy dress with a crown and all, then put 3 balloons on the back of my pink wheelchair and even had fake turtle shells to complete the look. Last year I was Sansa from Game of Thrones and turned my wheelchair into a throne. Who knows what I'll be this year! 

What will you all be? I loved seeing the other halloween post with pictures of costumes from previous years, but what are your plans for this year? 


  • stephanie426
    stephanie426 Moderator Posts: 64 Moderator
    10 Comments First Anniversary 5 Likes First Answer

    As a quick update,  after a busy month of getting married and losing our dog on our wedding day (and searching for him for 4 days afterward!!), my husband and I went simple this year as Daphne and Fred from Scooby Doo! 

    What did you do? 
  • heatherkrill
    heatherkrill Moderator Posts: 85 Moderator
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    Love your costumes!!!  Congratulations on your wedding and finding your pup!  We let our kids dress up this year, but COVID left us rather costumeless for once-- My husband Geoff LOVES Halloween.  But here are two of our favorites to make you smile!  
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