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How the bench press can help with transferring for paraplegics

garrisonredd Moderator Posts: 162 Moderator
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The Bench Press is a compound exercise. It works your chest, shoulders and triceps most. It's the most effective exercise to gain upper-body strength and muscle mass because it's the upper-body exercise you'll lift most weight on (more than Overhead Press).

The Muscles Used in the Bench Press are the same muscles you use when you are transferring. 


  • ambercollie
    ambercollie Moderator Posts: 183 Moderator
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    Great exercise for Para’s for sure!
  • Brandilane1
    Brandilane1 Member Posts: 20
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    Good to know, thank you!
  • Sterlion
    Sterlion Moderator Posts: 108 Moderator
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    I’m a quadriplegic and am able to transfer. I use to bench three times a week but stopped when I started a new job and noticed my transfers got a little more difficult. Didn’t think benching was helping me that much because it seemed like I was using different muscles and going a different direction. So now that you mentioned this it does makes sense and I need to get back to working out lol
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