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How to speed up sluggish system for bowel care?

Vava Member Posts: 1

Hello I am a 17 year post spinal cord injured complete tetraplegic dependent on daily doses of Baclofen Zanaflex 

Oxybutynin, Neurontin and Zoloft. And just to go to the bathroom I require daily: one capful of MiraLAX, two colase and one probiotic plus the night before bowel program one senna and a 12 minute steeped smooth move tea. I feel this is excessive, any ideas to speed up my sluggish system?


  • kurtis_gross
    kurtis_gross Member Posts: 5
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    Senna and erythromycin is what TIRR recommended for me and it has worked ok. I’m 25yrs post injury and have been using the erythromycin in addition to colase and dulcolax. It still takes to long, but may help.
  • AskNurseLinda
    AskNurseLinda Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 146 Information Specialist
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    Hi, Vava, add activity especially to your lower body. The sluggish bowel is due to the spinal cord injury but you can activate the bowel with muscle movement. You can do activity actively (under your own power) or passively (by moving your limbs with your hands or having someone move them for you). This mimics the pattern of muscle movement that is how the human body works. Also, add fiber to your diet through the use of psyllium or psyllium products. Be careful of the amount of sugar in the products. Sugar free is available.
    Erythromycin is an antibiotic which has a natural side effect of fast bowel movement or diarrhea. However, you can build up a tolerance to certain antibiotics which can lead to ineffective use when you need them for infection. Check with your healthcare provider prior to starting an antibiotic. Nurse Linda

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