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Spinal stroke

Lj71 Member Posts: 2
Hi, I’d be grateful for any advice please. My 12 year old son suffered a spinal stroke in December at T3-T5, the specialist have never found the cause and just prescribed a daily dose of aspirin. His consultant mentioned that he may be prone to autonomic dysreflexia, which has me really stressed and looking for symptoms regularly. Is there any sort of test that would confirm if he is definitely at risk? Also, the incontinence specialist told us he would never be able to empty his bladder naturally because the sphincter muscle wasn’t connecting with his nerves, so he learned to self catheterise and one week later felt the need to urinate and has been doing this naturally for a few weeks, however, the specialist has told him to use the catheter after the first wee and last wee at night because there is a small amount left in the bladder. After just spending 5 days in hospital due to a severe UTI that must have been caused by the catheter, I’m thinking that it would be safer to stop using the catheter altogether, seeing that the PVR is usually around 5-10ml each time. Surely the risk of infection from that small residue is a lot less than from using a catheter? The specialists want to give him a profalaxic antibiotic to stop any further infections, but I’m a bit against more tablets than need be. 
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