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Role Models for Girls with Disabilities

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Last year I started an organization called Disability EmpowHer Network. Disability EmpowHer Network is committed to connecting, motivating, and guiding disabled girls and women to grow, learn, and develop to their highest potential and have the confidence to lead.  

In December we started a program called Letter from a Role Model and we have already seen great success. Our Letter from a Role Model program creates a unique experience for girls with disabilities to feel connected and understood by a real-life role model. Our role models are successful disabled women who are matched with the girls based on their backgrounds, interests, disabilities, and personalities. Role models write letters to the girls that make a real connection by talking about tough times they went through when they were younger, and how they prevailed! Each letter is full of encouragement. By receiving an actual letter, the girls with disabilities experience the excitement of receiving mail - which is a delight during this pandemic. The letter is also a tangible object that the girls can look back to whenever they need a confidence boost.

Since launching the Letter from a Role Model initiative in December 2020, we have already matched over 30 girls with disabilities with successful disabled women role models. Girls report that they love receiving the letters and knowing that there is an adult that is just like them that they can look up to. Parent feedback has also been overwhelming. One parent told us: “[My child and I] have had many talks about how she feels about being treated different or feeling left out. This is really a new discussion with COVID being a factor because class size is super small and not being able to interact with others classes, it has brought it to her attention even more.  With that being said, I truly have no idea how that feels, but knowing that she can now reach out to [her role model], someone who completely understands, makes my heart happy.  That [her role model] can truly relate and give advice or just listen to her hurt is a blessing.”

Do you know a young woman with a disability who could use a role model? Nominate her to receive a letter from a role model!

Are you a successful woman with a disability? Apply to be a role model!