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S.O.S... Calling all Summer Patio Loungers...

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Happy Saturday beautiful souls!!!

With the sun ☀️ brightly shining, the weather heating up and summer around the corner, it is time to have some serious conversation about...well.. comfort!

Dan and I have a very small backyard (actually I think we’re quite lucky to have any yard in general with these Vancouver prices, but anyhow) and we are looking for YOUR thoughts on what you partner looooooveeeesss to sit on while he’s outside relaxing. What is THE very best thing that you guy or gal enjoys transferring on or into and it comfortable in for a few hours???

Also, I’d really love to have a conversation around what you all do to help keeps your partners temperature regulated....? Ie. we have a little “S” shaped mister (actually both Brooke and I have one) along with a regular spray bottle that we mist our dudes down with. So I’m bringing it to the people, give me your thoughts and feedback. Would love to hear from all of you. 🥰



Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


    WAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 379 Moderator
    100 Awesomes 100 Likes 100 Comments First Anniversary
    Elena - great post. With summer coming up, these things are so important to discuss. 

    My husband Evan (C4 Quad) hates sitting in his power chair when he's outside on our deck. He wants to relax and enjoy the sun (and get a tan) like any normal person. SO why shouldn't he be able to? As a high quad we are always trying to find ways for him to feel as normal and comfortable as possible. 

    He has an XL zero gravity folding lounger for outside. Its wider than the traditional zero gravity lounger so there is more room on either side of him, its slightly padded on the back and bum areas for more comfort, and also he can lay back in the zero gravity position while lounging for a FULL weight shift. We love the zero gravity position as its total weight off the sit bones. Its pretty awesome. Here is the one we have at home from Bed Bath and Beyond. It was around $120 CAD

    The base of the chair is small enough that the Hoyer lift can get around the chair easily and that is how we put him in the chair. When he's had enough of lounging, I remove him with the lift and put him back in his power chair. For those who CAN transfer themselves, you can put the chair in a locking position when its upright for easier ability to transfer over into it. 

    When buying a zero gravity folding recliner, make sure you spend the extra dollars for quality. We ordered one before that was $49 and it was very rickety and the quality was flimsy. There also was no padding on it, so it was not very comfy. We ended up buying this new one after one summer because it was already not working well for my husband. 

    Let us know of your patio comfort ideas and any tips and tricks you have for summer comfort!

    - Brooke (WAGS of SCI)
    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)