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An Accommodating Airbnb Host

BrookeU Moderator Posts: 175 Moderator
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Just wanted to share this quickly because I was impressed at an Airbnb host's kindness! I graduated from college on Friday, and until my brother decided last-minute last week that he wanted to come, I only thought it would be my mom. Hotels and Airbnbs fill up MONTHS in advance here for graduation, so we booked one for my mom back in August or so. Since Chris wasn't planning to come at the time, we didn't worry about accessibility. But then he decided to join.

I messaged the host to ask if the place would be accessible, and he responded with exact measurements of doorways, descriptions of the bathroom, and everything. He also told me I was welcome to stop by and look around ahead of time, so I did. The sidewalk from the driveway to the little entrance gate was made of concrete tiles — not the easiest to push on. I asked if he might have some plywood laying around but no worries if not, and he actually went and got some and laid it out! There was also a spring gate at the one step down to the front of the house, which would have been difficult to hold open while backing Chris down. I didn't even mention that potential difficulty to the host, but when my family checked in, he had removed it.

I was just very impressed by how accommodating he was! Yay to a good Airbnb experience!


    WAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 379 Moderator
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    Wow @BrookeU this is wonderful to hear. It is so hard to find a truly accessible Air B and B nowadays, especially since the owners of the properties dont seem to understand what a roll in shower is... lol

    We are going to start a discussion topic for links to truly accessible Air B and B spots around the world that everyone has gone to. Its important because the need for these places is stronger than ever. It will be posted under our Travelling Together section today! Feel free to post the link to the property - Brooke 
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  • BrookeU
    BrookeU Moderator Posts: 175 Moderator
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    That's a great idea, @WAGSofSCI! The property actually was not fully accessible (no roll-in shower, etc.), but we were able to make it work for two nights. Chris could not have stayed there alone. I was just amazed at how accommodating the host was to make it as accessible as possible and was honest in providing details about the accessibility (instead of lying or being totally oblivious like many would do).

    This article is from March, and I think it shows that Airbnb is hopefully heading in the right direction: