Weight Loss For Quadriplegics

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Hello Everyone

We are interested to see if anyone out there who is a Quad (or has a quad partner) has had success losing weight on a specific diet or program?

As we all know, losing size is particularly hard when you have a slower metabolism after SCI and have little movement throughout your entire body. Many women on our private group have posted about this as their partners also have trouble losing weight and keeping it off, especially because they're sedentary. 

This is an article done by SCI BC researchers on calorie consumption for someone with an SCI. We have found it very helpful, but are also interested in YOUR insights or what you have found success with.

Please comment below with your thoughts. 

- Brooke (WAGS of SCI)
Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


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    The best advice I can give is exercise. I use a manual chair as my primary chair and the weight I’ve gained comes from muscle. The transition from a power to manual chair isn’t easy but it’s worth it. For a quad with paralysis from neck down I would recommend an automatic arm/leg bike with estim. 
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    Exercise is great! for so many things, strength, building muscle, endurance, mental health etc.. I find for weight loss
    (expecially a Quadriplegic) it's almost all about the foods you eat! Start with things like only drinking water no or very little soda, juice, alcohol, carbs & sugar, low dairy
    (I know what's left!?) Lots of veggies, salads, lean protein, some nuts etc..Do the best you can if you mess up just start again....
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    I love this thread! I myself have had some difficulties losing weight, so it is great reading you all's advice. I found that dieting benefits me the most when losing weight and it comes off rather quickly. My issue is continuing to keep the weight off especially in the winter time. It seems like my body wants to stay at a certain weight that's too high for my liking. Charisma and I are moving out this summer and we plan on working together to maintain a healthy diet as well as working out regularly. Most of my weight is around my abdomen, which is frustrating. Have any of you tried E-Stim on your abs and has it helped with the "quad gut"? 

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