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Accessible Design - Q + A with Leanne Lavender

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Hello all! I am sure most of you have heard of Leanne Lavender (@lavenderslongshot on instagram).

She is a prominent figure in the WAGS of SCI community and has a keen interest in Accessible Design/Interior Design for homes. She recently started her own company "Lavender Accessible Design" that helps people renovate and design their spaces to suit a wheelchair, with style! She posts content daily to her 14,000+ followers about her and her husband's home in Indiana 

Here's a photo of her and her husband Derek, and their cute dog Barkus

Leanne is doing an Instagram takeover for WAGS of SCI next week (Wednesday June 26th), and is also appearing in for our next Reeve Instagram takeover on Monday June 24th to talk about all things Accessible Design.

We will be promoting this over our social media channels but we wanted to give all of you first dibs on asking Accessible Design related questions that we can relay to her to answer!

Please comment below with anything and everything Accessible home related and she will answer your questions live on Instagram next week! 

Thank you~

Brooke and Elena 

Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


  • nightqueen1nightqueen1 Member Posts: 11
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    Is there a way to modify a bathroom for under $15,000?
  • nightqueen1nightqueen1 Member Posts: 11
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    One more.. We have a deck that is about 4 feet off the ground that we need to make accessible for the summer. It has stairs. Any hacks you have for making it accessible without breaking the bank? 
  • emma0101emma0101 Member Posts: 1
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    That's a great Instagram! 17K followers!!
    Even I have lesser, though I use Instagram for business! Big time!
    I'd recommend using https://spamguardapp.com/ for keeping your account clean from any commercial followers and spam ghosts, it makes it more credible for advertising clients and business partners. That's what I can share as a fellow Instagram user.
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