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Transitioning success: reentering the workforce after disability

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Work not only provides income, health insurance, and other benefits, it is also beneficial to our overall well-being. Opportunities to contribute to a greater cause, interact with others, improve self-esteem, and find greater life satisfaction are common drivers for reentering the workforce. After suffering a spinal cord injury, you may want to transition back into the workforce, but ask yourself questions. How do I start? Where do I find support, training, and vocational rehabilitation services to help obtain and keep a job? Join us as we discuss the many options and support services available to you to help you overcome barriers and find successful employment.

Gain guidance and direction through your initial questions of how and where to reenter the workforce. Feel the confidence to:

  • Identify the 5 types of employment services available for your job search
  • Choose an Employment Network or service to fit your needs
  • Map your strategy for the interview process
  • Develop a list of tools for your job search
  • Set your goals for returning to the workforce

Host: Michael Sanders is the Director of Marketing and Communications for NTI, a non-profit focused on placing Americans with disabilities and disabled Veterans in call center, customer service, and IT help desk jobs that can be done from home.


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