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Is it just me, or are Power Chairs getting uglier and less functional for real life?

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Hello All!

My husband is in the process of getting a new power chair after his broke 5 years into injury. He had a matte black Quckie 710 chair and was very happy with the size and functionality of it. It was very minimalist, and he had a lower back rest. The profile was very minimal - and he could fit everywhere. It was mid wheel drive so he could turn on a dime, even in tight spaces

My husband was looking forward to trialling new chairs as he assumed that technology and design of these chairs would have progressed as far as "look" and style in the past 5 years.. he was wrong. 

He began to trial new power chairs 3 weeks ago and were shown the new Permobil M5 and 3, and the Quickie 710 (newest versions). Both have seemed to be bulkier and less streamlined than even 5 years ago. The back rests were less adjustable, and the new Quickie has a "jet pack" looking piece on the back that sticks out like a backpack and is extremely bulky (where all the wires are now placed). the permobiles are extremely wide and very bulky.. they barely fit in the hallways of our apartment.. and they dont fit under ANY normal restaurant table.. he's forced to sit outside the table. The arms of the permobil stick out so wide that It looks like he's sitting on an actual throne, instead of a smaller chair. And yes, we have asked about this and even the experts like the owner of the mobility shop he goes to, as well as his OT, have no solutions as "these are how they come now" is their only reply. They have worked hard to customize them as much as possible, but its not enough. 

It's 15,000 to fix the issue with his old power chair, and insurance is saying they would rather pay for a new chair instead of fixing his old one. 

Hes feeling extremely discouraged as he wants to feel LESS big and bulky when he's out - and he doesnt understand why the design of these chairs is getting larger and larger. The chairs are also getting heavier and heavier!

He always says he wishes Elon Musk would design new chairs to be more new age and lighter, and LOOK better. 

Anyone else have any feedback as to these concerns and issues?

Much appreciated 

Brooke - WAGS of SCI 

Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


  • midtoad
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    Check out the chairs made by whill. They are pretty stylish.
  • Rutha
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    Hi Brooke- I happened to notice that Quickie just came out with a new line of power chairs that are supposedly smaller called the Q500 series - I think in March. Very little information out there so one thing I'd caution is to make sure the outdoor capabilities are sufficient since I read it's based on the Quickie Pulse. 

    Also there are three models. - mid wheel drive, rear wheel drive and front wheel drive.  

    I have also heard people say that Permobil's F3 is more compact, but that is a front wheel drive so that would be an adjustment for your husband.

    Good luck in your search.
  • stephanie426
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    Quantum is releasing the new Stretto this month that will have the slimmest base on the market. I'm in a Quantum Edge and don't feel bulky at all, but I definitely felt slimmer in the Stretto.  
  • Zcollie
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    Like @midtoad said check out the company "Whill" They made a pretty cool looking power chair. I even tried one out and liked the look but it wasn't for me. I also had the same mindset he has until I got the opportunity to drive and had to switch to a power chair because I could not transfer myself. A power chair is bigger and bulkier. However, in my opinion, they are so much more comfortable and easier on my body. The battery life on them is great and they go pretty fast. I did not like mine at first but now I love my chair and I can drive from it. If he can get past how it looks he might like them better.
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