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New to the community!

Hey my name is Brandon Winfield. I am a T-7/T-8 complete for 11 years now after a motocross accident when I was 14. I'm stoked to be apart of this community and can't wait to connect with everyone. I also wanted to quickly share with everyone a mobile application that I just released called iAccess Life. It allows you to rate and review locations based on accessibility. We are just getting started but already have 1500 unique places rated, in over 30 states and 15 countries. We hope you guys come visit our application to find a new place to visit or to give others a heads up of accessibility flaws.



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    We, Dr. Charles Carson , endorsed by Arnold Palmer, Nancy Reagan and Ralph Nader etc.., were rejected and lied to in 1999 for wanting to get the ball rolling on this. We called it, ''epidural spinal cord injury electrical stimulation''. Does anyone know where they are looking for patients in a funded study ? I am willing to try this. My mistake was, spending tens of thousands of my $$ from 1990 to 2003 for animal/lab research. In 1999, S.C.S. had a legal contract to treat 16 SCI patients at Cedars Sinia hospital Los Angeles. By 2002 , S.C.S. lost the contract court battle. Now, 18 years later it looks hopeful again. Next month this TED presentation will be 5 years old. I'd like hear more of this kind of news. Walking braces took a major leap back in the 1980's. Posted here is a LA Time story covering it. Liberation From a Wheelchair : New Brace Helps the Determined Get Back on Their Feet June 10, 1988 by EILEEN HEYES The Reciprocating Gait Orthosis, or RGO, will be on display at this weekend's Abilities Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, along with other products and services for the disabled. The device was invented by Roy Douglas, an assistant professor of orthopedics at Louisiana State University medical school and an orthotist, a maker of orthopedic braces.…/la-xpm-1988-06-10-vw-5160-story.h… The main thing that worries me is;; bad has to happen before good happens.

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    Thanks for sharing especially the video. gracias streaming
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    @bmw937 that app  looks really cool! Thanks for sharing and making it easier to find good accessibility places!

    @Paul78 sadly true Bad has to happen before Good a lot of the time.
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    Thanks for sharing such a nice Blog.I like it.

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    Hello I'm new here.  I have a close friend who had an accident and affected his spine.  I want him to part of this community so that he will learn a lot. site
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    Thank you for sharing. I saw the video and I really liked it

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    @petermartin12475 sorry to hear about your friend. Just know there IS life after injury. Your a good friend.
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    I'm Shannon. I was born with an L4 spinal defect. I wore ADO braces when I was younger.
  • ambercollie
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    Welcome Shannon!