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Standing frames...

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Who here uses a standing frame? What type do you use and how often do you use it? Do you use it just to stand or use it to do stuff you like to do standing. 

I have a wooden Oswestry standing frame, I only got this new one a month ago, but I had the exact same one issued 22 years ago which I kept for a few years. I don't remember loving it, but I did used to use it. I used to eat my breakfast in it every morning. But funnily I'd never really thought of moving it around the house to do jobs or clean etc. 
So I got this new one and I'd not stood for a quite a few years, and really regret it! Its taken all the last month to get used to it again and get up to 30 minutes. Took a while to stop my blood pressure diving, but I think it was just a case of repetition, repetition! apart from from trying tstay up once every day, after the first few days I started using i like a piece of gym equipment, and just went up and down with my arms for a few reps each time I passed it. I wore stockings etc.. now everything's pretty good! ;) 
We play catch now and I use my weights.. just for balance training and my core, well hehe,  paint brush training! Balance is good, could be improved, my legs are but spasmy when I first stand, but already straighter when I'm doing my yoga. I'm really enjoying it! I've made sure the underneath of the frame is fully felted so I can push it around the house. I'm thinking of retrofitting a drop down piece on the front and back with soft castors at some point.. make it a tad easier to push around when I'm in it! It's already become useful, putting the outside sofa cushions away on a top shelf.  My aim is to use it to finish off painting the door frames and oiling the doors downstairs after our refurbishment, by myself. lol :):smiley:

Do you stand? What type of frame do you use.. and do you use it to do everyday tasks?

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  • jaarch
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    I have a Granstand III and I usually stand tow to three times a week, on average. I have some hand exercise equipment I use and barbells. I use those all while watching TV or playing on my phone. I always stand for one hour so I don't get into anything too involved.
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    For more information on standing frames, please see the link below.

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    I love that you thought of this, in SCI world we have to be creative. Thanks for passing this on, it reminds me how important standing is! Our bodies need to be upright if you can, it takes a little bit at a time but you reach your goal as long as you start! Thanks for sharing.