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Having Sexual Thoughts About Able Bodied Men Who ARENT My Husband

nightqueen1nightqueen1 Member Posts: 11
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Hello Everyone!

Im going to present a topic to all of you that I KNOW is a HUGELY Taboo topic in the world of WAGS of SCI and couples in general post SCI: having sexual thoughts about other men who are able bodied. 

My partner and I have an amazing relationship. We love one another so much, and we have a good sex life. I would NEVER leave him, and am 100% satisfied with our life together. However, I do have fleeting thoughts about other men, specifically able bodied men sexually. My partner is a quad. 

I have spoken to a therapist about this and she said its normal, because ALL people have sexual thoughts about people other than their partners - and that it doesn't matter if you're able bodied or not. It happens to everyone and its healthy 

That being said, I guess I struggle with guilt because my husband is very sensitive on the fact that he can't "Ravage" me like he used to. If I were to tell him I think about other men from time to time, watch porn, and masturbate, he would probably be so hurt. Truth is, I DO miss being "Ravaged" - although it is NOT a deal breaker for me, I do think about it.

This is one of the few things I do not discuss with him, primarily because I am the one who feels a bit guilty and I do not want to hurt his feelings - especially since it has nothing to do with our relationship and we are happy. I figure its something that is better left unsaid between us...

I wanted to share this as I know women in this community are scared to discuss this, and feel the same way as I do. There are many who are extremely guilty daily because they feel like these emotions and thoughts mean that they are secretly unsatisfied or want to cheat. This just isn't the case. I went through intense periods of thinking that, but then was told this was NOT the case, if you are happy and in love. It just means you are a sexual person, and may miss certain aspects of your prior sex life.. and that is nothing to be ashamed about. 

Does anyone else out there struggle with the push pull guilt thing when it comes to thoughts?


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