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Skin Care & Sun

JHPRC Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 46 Information Specialist
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With the weather getting warmer and the sun getting stronger skin protection is very important when outside for everyone. As a child I dealt with many bad sunburns. Beside sunscreen what are some other tips and tricks to prevent sunburn. Speaking of sunscreen what are some of brands to rely on for sun protection. I have very sensitive skin so I found that sun bum works really well since it doesn't have all the nasty chemicals. Chime in! 
Jennifer Hatfield
Senior Information Specialist
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

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  • AskNurseLinda
    AskNurseLinda Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 170 Information Specialist
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    Hi, JH, what a great topic for this season. Sunscreen is a must even for being outside just a bit. More mature readers (translated: older) readers remember a time when we did not bother with sunscreen. We are paying for that now. So, sunscreen is a must especially with the sun rays getting to earth stronger due to ozone depletion. Other things to help are to take shade with you by use of a tent top or umbrella and use of rash guard clothing. These do not preclude sunscreen applied often. 
    Keep cool by drinking fluids, use of battery operated fans if you don't have access to an outlet, hand fans, cool cloths placed all over your body, sitting in the shade. Above all, take frequent breaks to sit in air conditioning, either inside or sitting in a car that has AC. Individuals with spinal cord injury have difficulty regulating internal body temperature so being hot can build inside your body.
    Also, remember humidity builds inside your body. It takes much longer to cool in humid times. Even being indoors in the AC, you body can be affected by a build up of humidity. 
    If you become over heated, red face and skin, feeling warm to touch, disorientation, or even non-responsive, seek medical care. Overheating can be a quick onset so you need to take quick action at the first signs. Prevention is the best action.
    What are some other suggestions you have? Thanks for letting the community know. We all learn from each other! Nurse Linda 

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