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Moving abroad after spinal injury

TomGibo Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, 

I had an injury nearly 15 years ago which caused incomplete damage to my spinal cord. I'm very lucky in that my main problems are saddle anesthesia and a neurogenic bladder which means I require intermittent catheterization. I don't have mobility issues. I live in the UK and over here the NHS takes care of my needs very well. 

For a long time I've had many friends in Mexico, I'm in contact with them daily and speak Spanish. I've been to visit that country many times and I really like the way of life over there. I've always said if it wasn't for my injury I would move there. Finally in recent weeks I've admitted to myself that anxiety about my injury means I have never even looked into if it would be possible to move there. There must be tens of thousands of Mexicans with my condition.

Does anyone have any experience with moving countries generally? Or specifically about Mexico? Or insight into how the system over there would work with my disability? I want to finally do something that scares me a lot and at least figure out if making such a move would be viable long term.

Thanks for reading!